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 ECI utilizes and has created a variety of conveyor systems, including Power Only and Power and Free Enclosed Track systems and Monorail I-beams, in overhead or inverted styles, as well as custom designed hydraulic, pneumatic or electric powered lowerators, and floor systems. All systems are fully integrated into computer aided workload control programs. Our components and design projects provide the following benefits: 

  • Eliminates the use of a jig. Jigs are cumbersome and time consuming
  • Eliminates welding and weld splatter inside the rail
  • Eliminates field welding - installation is not disruptive or hazardous to production
  • Each joint can be bolted, which saves time and makes installation easier
  • Increases scalability for future development
  • Simplifies replacement
Turns are a split design constructed from half track with bolted half yokes
  • This allows for full heat treating of the track, not just a single wear path
  • After years of service if a section needs to be replaced, it is a quick nut and bolt job, requiring only hand tools.
  • Every turn now gives quick access to the chain, in the event of a problem
  • This eliminates any need for any special gates
  • Turns are made tangent to tangent, for easy extension
Drives are all rotary floating design, which provides better protection against overtorque. In the event of a system failure the rotary design (versus a linear floating frame) utilizes gearbox movement to detect overtorque and protect the system fully up to the output shaft of the gearbox.

All work done by ECI comes with a Hassle-Free Warranty for 2 years/single shift or 4000 hours on design and parts; no charge for inspection. We are committed to providing excellence in design and materials.