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Crane Composites

This innovative floor conveyor manages two different sizes of molds, 10' by 40' and 10' by 50', guiding it through a complex manufacturing process that involves multiple timing and labor considerations.

An intricate system of floor conveyors and cross transfers was developed to manage the product weight of 10,000 pounds, incorporating hydraulics to raise and lower the molds at the transfers.

The design necessitated two lanes of finished product along one end of the system, in order to give a maximum time for cooling and mold prep prior to the next cycle. With the two lanes, the longer molds had to be justified on the right-hand side for the outside lane and on the left-hand side for the inside lane.

To allow a nut and bolt installation, ECI designers made all of the pieces detailed for shop fabrication. This enables Crane to quickly and efficiently make line changes and repairs.

This unique conveyor design was built to accommodate a highly specialized creative manufacturing process. The engineering was done in a collaborative effort between ECI and the customer's composite process personnel. ECI specializes in providing innovative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.