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My team simply provided a basic concept. Engineered Conveyors turned that idea into a turn key conveyor solution.
- H. B. Horak General Manager
This finishing system solution, featured in our video, required a specialized approach and exemplifies ECI's superior engineering capabilities. Prior to an ECI solution, the customer processed material manually, using a hoist. This allowed only one rack to be processed at a time and did not guarantee consistent immersions or throughput. The challenges for ECI were numerous: to efficiently clean multiple products with varying stages and immersion times, to accommodate a rotational process and to build this complex system in a very compact space.

ECI engineered a split lowerator design to fit into a building with minimal height. In order to conserve headroom, a rack and pinion style pusher was designed to run inside of the normal power rail.

The engineering also paid special attention to indexing time - raise, index forward and lower. The movement must be smooth, yet consume a minimal part of the overall cycle, to provide maximum time in solution. This also allows for maximum part productivity.

Another lowerator was employed to immerse the product into a paint tank. The part is immediately transferred to the second position in this lowerator and lowered into a tank where the carrier is rotated to remove excess paint. The ability to rotate the carrier and the powered rotator are yet another example of ECI's out-of-the-box design ability.

The cure oven following paint utilizes an ECI engineered high temperature stop assembly. This allows the carriers to accumulate in a heat application, keeping the size of the oven as small as possible and minimizing energy consumption. Since the application requires two cure temperatures, the first lane of the oven implements a 16-minute temperature "bring up" and the second lane is a high temperature cure for 16 minutes.

ECI's conveyor design, coupled with the PLC controls, produces 15 carriers full of product per hour and guarantees consistent immersion times. This is a significant increase in productivity and quality that reduces costs and labor.