Innovative Design Expertise

Quality Engineering Services for Different Conveyor Systems

At ECI, we have built a solid reputation for providing innovative solutions to unique and difficult manufacturing situations. We begin with a thorough comprehension of your product specifications and manufacturing process, paying special attention to the reduction of non-value-added labor and product damage/contamination potential. We then follow through with superior service and responsiveness throughout the design and installation process. Our intention is to strive for delivery of value far beyond expectations.

  • We offer Power and Free, Enclosed Track and Monorail I-Beam for both Overhead and Inverted conveyor systems.
  • Specially engineered chain giving extended life for acidic washers for both inverted and overhead
  • High load capacities for Power and Free over 20,000 lb.
  • Enclosed track bolted turns allows us to replace the inner radius without replacing the whole turn.
  • Chain to chain transfer from slow to fast without stopping load bar allowing closer production centers See video below
  • Rotary floating drives
  • Fully bolted systems including stops and antibackups
  • 90° bias banking without dog timing take ups and powering both sides of the bank
  • Light weight systems including Chain on Edge